Human Resources Development Consultants

The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in the mind.

Our Consultants and Associates represent a wide cross-section and have several years of experience in several countries including Uganda and the United Kingdom.

organisational development

We provide several organsisational development programmes; from organisational analysis to staff profiling, change management, HR development and administration as wel as career transition or outplacement services.
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staff development

Build competence of your staff through our staff development programme. We can enhance skills in customer care, leadership time management, team building, business report writing, managing change and presentation.
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With our tailor-made Coaching sessions we can help you to gain clarity on what you want to achieve with your business /organisation and how to get it.
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executive recruitment

We have a superiour approach towards Executive Recruitment that acknowledges the sense of urgency that is needed at today's pase of business.
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