About Achievement Specialists

The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.

Achievement Specialists
We are a group of experienced Human Resource Development Consultants. Our Consultants and Associates represent a wide cross-section and have several years of experience in several countries including Uganda and the United Kingdom.

What Achievement Specialists can do for you

Achievement Specialists offer a range of services to assist your organisation to ensure you Achieve your aims and objectives by supporting and developing your organisational and individual development potential. Our Consultants and Associates have a wealth of UK and international experience to draw from, and are committed to ensuring you receive a range of creative, innovative and personalised solutions to suit your organisational needs and to maximise your opportunities for successful, positive and sustainable change.

We can tailor-make packages to help you to Achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively. We also offer after care support to all our clients to ensure they have received the very best in support and that they are able to make best use of our input for the long term benefit of their clients and beneficiaries.

Current / Ongoing Assignments

The following are assignments that our consultants and associates have been involved in over the last 12 months:
  1. Staff Profiling
  2. Facilitation of planning workshops
  3. Coaching Management Staff through Change Management
  4. Leadership Development Coaching/Training
  5. Executive Recruitment
  6. Competency Testing
  7. Career Transition Services